As the wearable tech sector continues to show promise and growth, also believes that the future could be in the wearables industry and it is looking to hit it hard with a new "Wear" app.

As part of the new development app, the company also believes that the "next mobile revolution" is upon us and it is the wearables that will take hold in the coming years.

In entering this market, is launching Wear with the goal of sparking interest and understanding in a new app that will deliver information and the ability to better delve into the infant wearables sector.

The new app is aimed at developers who need the background and support to create their app business for wearable devices that are currently on the market or are being launched. It will also help developers build on app titles currently in existence on the Salesforce1 platform.

Daniel Debow, the senior vice president of emerging technologies at, calls Wear the company's "initiative to evangelize and encourage, and help jumpstart people building business applications for wearable devices."

Users can download coding for each app they want to look at for free and then have that base for their own development projects. The company says that Wear packs should help developers understand the challenges of developing their app and be able to better suit their efforts toward wearable technology.

"If you want to build a business app for wearables at the moment, you have to build a lot of stuff from scratch. You have to build a new customer data model, you have to build new marketing models, and new data stores, but that already exists on the Salesforce1 platform," Debow said.

Debow is adamant that while understand that wearable devices are just beginning to take hold in the marketplace, the company also believes that getting ahead of the curve will be a major boost for the company as wearables become more popular and garner much more interest in the general population.

"There is no question it's still very early in the development of the wearable market," Debow said. "What we see happening is an acceleration of technology adoption. We compare the growth rates of wearables to smartphones and what we saw is this is growing five times faster on year basis than smartphones ever did."

Wearables could very well be the next revolution of technology, and wants to be the leader in app development.

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