Apple, the world's largest consumer electronics company, seems serious in expanding its presence in the U.S. as photos of its reportedly newest seven-building campus in Austin, Texas, which showcases restaurants, as well as on-site health and fitness centers, have been revealed Monday.

Once the company completes the construction of the new campus in 2016, this will purportedly be the Apple's second-largest office complex. This is set amid 38 acres of wooded land as well as 1.1 million square feet of office space. Additionally, the new campus will also house about 7,000 employees.

Apple has carried out its operations as well as support efforts in Austin for many years.

In 2012, according to reports, the company pledged to shell out $304 million in an effort to grow its operations. It also promised to hire an added 3,635 to its team.

In exchange, report says the city and state governments promised to pump taxpayers' money into the Apple's project. However, governments said it should meet the hiring and spending deadlines.

Furthermore, the company also agreed to spend $282 million on new buildings as well as equipment in Austin over the next 10 years - in a bid to retain the nearly 3,100 existing jobs as well as to generate over 3,600 new ones.

Apple is reportedly on track to receive around $35 million in tax incentives from the governments because of its Austin expansion efforts.

"When Apple puts its stamp of approval on Austin like this, people notice," Mark McClain, CEO of Austin software maker SailPoint as well as chairman of the Austin Technology Council, told the press. "We want to be recognized as a great place to build a tech company, and this sends the message that we have the ingredients."

Meanwhile, Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy says the reason why Apple made a decision to expand in Austin is because, in comparison with other cities, the area boasts of an educated workforce. It also houses a pool of "high-tech talent." He added Austin is likewise an excellent place to entice millennials.

According to reports, Buildings 3 and 4 were already finished. Three more buildings are presently being built.

In Buildings 3 and 4, a complete wellness facility is reportedly located. The buildings boast of a doctor's office, a dental office, as well as examination rooms named after the parks of Texas. The complete fitness center is specifically located inside the Building 4.

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