The latest Humble Mobile Bundle 14 brings six Android apps including Double Dragon and Toy Defense, among others.

The Humble Bundle, which was previously called Humble Indie Bundle, is a collection of apps sold at a price determined by the purchaser.

For just $1, customers can get three apps: Amelia And Terror of the Night, Toy Defense Premium and One More Line. Many users may just think of Amelia as a storybook, but it is an interactive one.

"Amelia and Terror of The Night is an interactive graphic story book for kids. Intellectually and visually interesting, filled with invention. It is a journey to the far-off land of adventures, games, hidden secrets and unique quests," said the product description of the app in the Play Store.

Toy Defense Premium is a tower defense game, where gamers have to protect their base from their enemies by building various towers and by deploying units.

One More Line, Humble Edition, is a very interesting puzzle game. The Play Store claims that the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times globally.

"One More Line is a highly addictive, one button, space disco, skill timing game!" stated the Play Store.

Customers can also pay more than the average amount ($4.54 at the time of writing) and get three more games: Double Dragon Trilogy, Autumn Dynasty - RTS and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. Usually, these games can cost about $21 if purchased separately from the Play Store.

More apps are expected to be added to Humble Bundle 14 soon. Customers who pay more than the average price are guaranteed to get all games added to the bundle later.

Humble Bundle 14 is available until Sept. 21, and interested customers can purchase the bundle directly from the official website. Humble Bundle 14 has now been downloaded about 9,000 times.

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