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Nintendo Switch And 3DS Games Are Now Available On The Humble Bundle Store

The Humble Bundle Store is now selling Nintendo Switch and 3DS games. Titles such as 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' and 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' are up for grabs.

Video Games January 8, 2019

IGN Buys Humble Bundle: What Will Change For The Philanthropic Online Store?

Video games and entertainment website IGN has purchased philanthropic online store Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle offers packages at pay-what-you-want prices, with some of the proceeds going to various charities.

Video Games October 14, 2017

Humble Freedom Bundle Raises $6.43 Million For Charity

Humble Bundle has raised more than $6 million dollars from its 'Humble Freedom Bundle' offer. All sales from the weeklong offer will be donated to ACLU, MSF, and IRC organizations.

Video Games February 21, 2017

Humble Freedom Bundle Comes Out, All Sales Go To Civil Rights Groups

Seller of video games Humble Bundle released its biggest offer yet, the Humble Freedom Bundle. All the sales will go to ACLU, IRS, and MSF.

Video Games February 15, 2017

Humble Bundle Now A Game Publishing Company

Popular video game seller Humble Bundle is expanding to video game publishing. It has seven games set for release.

Video Games February 12, 2017

New Humble Book Bundle Will Teach You How To Code Your Own Game

Humble Bundle's newest book bundle offer lets anyone learn how to code games in different platforms. Are you app for it?

Apps/Software December 17, 2016

PlayStation's First Humble Bundle Offering $178 Worth Of Capcom Games

The Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle is here! PlayStation teamed up with Capcom to make select PS3 and PS4 games available at a discount, a real steal for PlayStation and Capcom fans.

Video Games August 24, 2016

'Battleborn' Is A Mere $15 As Part Of The Humble 2K Bundle 2

Gearbox's latest title is dirt-cheap in the latest Humble Bundle.

Video Games July 19, 2016

Here’s A Humble Bundle Deal To Celebrate 'Sonic The Hedgehog’s' 25th Anniversary

It’s been 25 years since the first Sonic the Hedgehog game came out! Celebrate with Sonic and the gang with Humble Bundle’s 'Sonic the Hedgehog' 25th Anniversary deal.

Video Games June 22, 2016

Nintendo Humble Bundle Offers Nintendo 3DS And Wii U Games: Here Are The Details

Humble Bundle has teamed up with Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe to offer the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle, which represents a value of $179. Users can choose to pay any amount they want, gaining access to different 3DS and Wii U titles along the way.

Video Games April 27, 2016

Get A Lot Of Games On The Cheap With Telltale's Humble Bundle

Looking to stock up on some great games? Telltale's Humble Bundle lets you pay what you want for some of its hottest titles, including both seasons of 'The Walking Dead.'

Geek April 13, 2016

'Star Wars' Humble Bundle Now Offers 13 Games: Here's The Complete List

Three more games have been added to the 'Star Wars' Humble Bundle 2. Yes, one of them is 'Star Wars: Battlefront II,' and yes, they all activate on Steam.

Video Games March 10, 2016

Star Wars Humble Bundle 2 Features 'X-Wing,' 'Tie Fighter' And 'Knights Of The Old Republic' For Under $10

You can snag some of the best Star Wars games ever made for cheap in the latest Humble Bundle sale.

Geek March 1, 2016

Humble Bundle Funding Original Gaming Titles To Be Included In Monthly Subscription

Now, members of the service will receive one Humble Originals title as part of their Humble Monthly gaming plan, which runs for $12 each month.

Video Games February 8, 2016

Square Enix Gets Into The Holiday Season With Its Latest Humble Bundle

Square Enix's latest Humble Bundle features jaw-dropping prices on PC games like 'Last Remnant' and the first three installments of 'Tomb Raider' — all for a good cause.

Geek December 23, 2015

Humble Bundle Brings A Bunch Of Classic SNK Video Games To PC For The First Time

This is a limited-time deal, mind you.

Geek December 9, 2015

Capcom Humble Bundle Boasts Resident Evil 4, DmC; Drags Along Lost Planet 3

Calling all collectors: the Humble Capcom Bundle is worth your charitable dollars, but its time is almost up. Even the worst games in the bundle are worth the price.

Video Games October 25, 2015

Humble Monthly Bundle Contains Surprise Indie Games For $12 Per Month

Humble Bundle took a new turn in business strategy and offered a monthly package of games for $12. By subscribing, gamers received both games paired with the excitement of loot packages.

Video Games October 3, 2015

Humble Bundle Is Offering Forbidden Comics For Low Prices To Celebrate Banned Books Week

In celebration of Banned Books Week, Humble Bundle is offering young adult titles of comics that have been challenged or banned, allowing customers to pay what they want.

Geek September 24, 2015

Humble Bundle Offering Neil Gaiman Rarities, Including Unfinished Graphic Novel

Neil Gaiman fans wanting to get their hands on rare books written by the author now have a chance, thanks to a new Humble Bundle, with proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Movies/TV Shows September 10, 2015

Humble Mobile Bundle 14 Includes 'Double Dragon,' 'Toy Defense' And More

Humble Bundle 14 brings six apps at a cheap price. For just $1, customers can get 'One More Line,' 'Toy Defense' and 'Amelia And Terror of the Night.'

Apps/Software September 9, 2015

Pay What You Want For Tom Clancy's 'Rainbow Six Siege' Multiplayer Beta Through Humble Bundle

For only $1, customers can get ‘Rainbow Six,’ ‘Rainbow Six: Vegas,’ ‘Rainbow Six 3 Gold,’ ‘Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory,’ ‘Ghost Recon’ and access to the ‘Rainbow Six Siege Multiplayer Beta’ from Tom Clancy’s Humble Bundle.

Video Games September 5, 2015

Star Wars Humble Bundle Is Incredible, Definitely Not A Trap

Twelve bucks snags you nine of the best Star Wars video games ever made, with more coming soon.

Geek February 4, 2015

Humble Bundle, Mozilla team up on a special game bundle

Humble Bundle and Mozilla have teamed up to offer a special game bundle with games that can be played straight from a user's Internet browser. This is the first time Humble Bundle has offered games that can be played online.

Video Games October 14, 2014

BOOM Studio's Humble Bundle lets you name your own price for 95 comics

Online retailer Humble Bundle is partnering with BOOM! Studios to let consumers choose how much to pay and who to pay for more than 95 comics.

Geek August 6, 2014

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