This seems to be occurring all too frequently these days.

Yet another WWE fan has interfered in another live show, this time on Monday Night Raw on Labor Day (September 7). As WWE World Heavyweight and United States champion Seth Rollins was making his way to the ring for a match with the New Day, John Cena and the Prime Time Players, a fan jumped the barricade at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore and proceeded to walk down the ramp with Rollins for a few scary seconds before security got hold of him.

As Raw cameras panned away — not wanting to give the perpetrator his five seconds of fame — Cena even broke character to alert Rollins of the fan, yelling, "Hey!"

While the fan walking down the ramp with the champ might have been a funny sight to the WWE Universe, too many uncomfortable seconds went by before he was brought down. What if he was carrying a weapon and attempted to hurt Rollins?

This happened nearly one month after a fan threw a replica Money in the Bank briefcase at Roman Reigns during a houseshow in Victoria, British Columbia, hitting him in the back and neck and interrupting his match.

Reigns spoke in detail about that scare to Complex last month.

"For me the scariest part though, was, 'What if there was something dangerous? What if there was something sharp? What if they hit me in my eye?'" Reigns said. "The only message I want to get out about this is — I'll go out there and I'll put my body through some stuff for the entertainment and create the most infectious, creative, awesome atmosphere that I can. I think I've shown that. I danced with the big bear Brock Lesnar like no one else.

"I'll go [to] there and I'll get wild. Just please — don't put me in harm's way," he added. "Let me put myself in harm's way. But don't [mess with] the opportunity for me to provide for my family, for my seven-year-old daughter, for my wife, our livelihood."

The WWE might want to reevaluate its security procedures.

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