TiVo Inc., makers of the famous TiVo, a digital video recorder (DVR), has just filed a lawsuit against Samsung. The case pertains to TiVo's claim that Samsung has infringed several of its patents with regards to the latter's commercial digital video recorders.

Note that this is not the first time that TiVo has filed a lawsuit against competing brands. In fact, the company has been to court with AT&T, Verizon, Cisco, Google through its acquisition of Motorola and EchoStar, operator of the Dish network. In total, TiVo received $1.6 billion in settlement from the cases it has won against the aforementioned companies.

TiVo announced that it filed a patent infringement case against Samsung back in July 31, 2015, when the company released its second quarter report.

"Finally, this morning we filed a patent infringement suit against Samsung in the Eastern District of Texas," disclosed TiVo. The company elaborated further and said that the complaint involves four patents, which includes the '389 Time Warp and '195 Trick Play patents. Note that both the mentioned patents were previously litigated.

"Our complaint also asserts two patents that are related to the '389 patent but have expiration dates further into the future," TiVo added.

Granted the patent expiration dates, together with TiVo's history of winning lawsuits and getting huge sums in return, investors are expected to take this news as a big signal to start accumulating TiVo stocks.

"Today's action should help address one of the questions regarding the value, breadth, and applicability of TiVo's IP portfolio post the 2018 expiration of the '389 patent," TiVo concluded.

Aside from the lawsuits, which seem to be a constant money maker for TiVo, the DVR manufacturer is also drawing its revenues from pay TV scheme on which operators rent out the DVRs to consumers.

And while this partnership is paying out well for TiVo, it is also hurting the company's DVR sales. It was reported that less than a million people have bought TiVo's DVR, only a quarter of the recorded 4.4 million back in 2006.

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