Star Wars: Battlefront has an exciting new tactical mode called Drop Zone, pitting two teams of eight players against each other for pod control.

Players will need to watch the sky at all times, so they can see the pods that fall onto the surface of planets through the atmosphere. The Drop Zone Mode is action-heavy and challenging, requiring Rebel and Empire teams of eight members each to compete for capturing and controlling the most pods.

Once a player locates the landing site of a falling pod, they have to reach it and trigger the short claim process. The team that captures five pods, or controls the greatest number of pods when the 10-minute match ends, wins the competition. If a pod goes from one team to another and neither is able to defend it for claim in due time, another pod will descend to break the tie. The teams will then have two pods over which to gain control.

Moreover, pods also contain Power Pickups that can make them even more worthwhile to claim. Once a player claims a pod, the pod will start to open gradually. Players have to stick around if they want to get the content of the pod, which can be both risky and rewarding. Nevertheless, players who don't want to risk staying near a claimed pod for its content can choose to go for another pod, which will hit the surface in a different location as soon as the claimed pod starts to open up.

As expected, quick thinking and rapid action is paramount for rocking the Drop Zone Mode. Both Imperial and Rebels must be alert at all times, and hesitation could carry a heavy price. Players could be hit by explosives or Orbital Strikes, for instance, if they play in a static manner and remain in a cluster right next to their pod.

"We're promoting the idea of a fast, action-packed game where you need to be mobile and think on your feet," explains Dennis Brännvall, lead level designer. "Camping doesn't really pay off."

Players can also master the Drop Zone Mode through other tricks, such as using the Turrets and Droids in their arsenal to make it hard for others to tell which areas they plan to defend.

Lastly, the map design also boasts great improvements from a gameplay point of view, with crucial locations fine-tuned for the best experience.

Star Wars: Battlefront is set to debut on November 17 with the Drop Zone Mode and all of the other game modes, while a free DLC map called Battle of Jakku will launch on December 1 for pre-order customers, one week before going live for the rest of the fans.

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