Getting information from Bill Belichick is the very embodiment of the adage "like pulling teeth."

Simply put—the longtime New England Patriots coach is sports' biggest curmudgeon, notoriously offering up one- or two-word answers to the media and more than adept in simply not answering questions, altogether. (God speed to Patriots' beat writers).

Rarely does the NFL's evil genius field a question that he willingly expounds on. The man just doesn't want to be bothered. But when asked how he followed the Deflategate saga through the summer during a press conference Tuesday, Belichick expressed his disgust for another kind of media—social media.

After telling the media that he doesn't have a Twitter account, Belichick said: "Just go talk to the geniuses online. MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace...just go talk to whoever you want that does that stuff. I don't know."

Did Belichick seriously just create separate mashups of MySpace and Facebook, YouTube and Facebook, and Instagram and Facebook? He sure did. Who's going to be the first to register a URL for one of the names that Belichick threw out there?

This takes Belichick's level of surliness to an entirely new level. But Tech Times found it hilarious that he actually clarified that he doesn't have a Twitter account. You don't say, Bill. Imagine Belichick on Twitter?He wouldn't ever get remotely close to the 140-character limit.

Hey Bill...Facebook and Instagram are sort of big deals.

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