Fans all know by now that Green Arrow arrives on The CW's Arrow this season, but it's still exciting seeing the transition that Oliver Queen takes from Arrow to becoming the Green Arrow.

In the season three Arrow finale, Oliver hangs up his Arrow costume for good and drives off into the sunset with love interest Felicity Smoak. Of course, we know that Oliver would never really ever give up on Starling City, so this season, he is no longer Arrow, but Green Arrow.

In a new promotional clip released by The CW, we see what brings Oliver Queen back to town: a plea from his fellow crime-fighting friends and family that Starling City needs him.

Obviously, that's a call Oliver could never turn down, and he arrives back in the city, complete with a new green costume.

Stephen Amell actually modeled the new costume for Green Arrow at Comic-Con, so we knew his character would return to become "someone else, something else."

Arrow showrunners also revealed the name of the first episode of the new season as "Green Arrow" back in July, meaning that we'll see Oliver's transition happen quickly in the first season, leaving the rest of the season open for him to fight the bad guys.

One of those bad guys is Damien Darhk, who, in the clip below, finally calls Oliver by his new superhero name, the Green Arrow.

Recently, at Dragon Con, Amell teased a few details about what viewers can expect from the show this season.

"The fundamental part of the season, that nobody is really going to understand until they see the premiere, is that we do something in the premiere that we've never done in the history of the show," Amell teased during the Arrow panel, as reported by "It does something for the remainder of the season that there's going to be a constant jeopardy in the show, even if times are good."

Amell promises that this "thing," whatever it is, will keep viewers interested throughout the season.

Arrow's season premiere launches October 7 on The CW.

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