Sony shows off The Assembly: The first VR title for Project Morpheus


Sony is pretty much knee deep in virtual reality since it announced Project Morpheus. It's an area where Microsoft doesn't yet have a presence, and the company is taking full advantage of that by announcing the first ever PlayStation 4 game that was developed for Morpheus from the ground up.

The new game is called The Assembly, and it appears to be set in a crazy world where scientists to experiments on humans with animal parts. The game is in development by nDreams, the same folks who developed PlayStation Home. Chances are no one remembers PlayStation Home, the failed community project that was designed to take on Xbox Live.

"Players are flung into the underground world of The Assembly, a secretive collection of scientists, academics and engineers who believe morality in society is preventing scientific advancement and are committed to discovering a universal theory of everything, at any cost," according to nDreams.

We understand that the game will be led by two persons, though it is not certain who or what they are. We expect Sony to go all out with this game to help push Project Morpheus to the masses, as the competition in the Virtual Reality spot will increase. The Oculus Rift has the support of Facebook behind it, and Samsung is working on its own VR device based on the Oculus tech.

Using gaming as a medium to get Morpheus into the hands of millions is a smart move and we see this working out best for console gaming as oppose to PC gaming.

The big question right now is whether or not Microsoft has an answer to Morpheus. We don't think the software giant is even close to a prototype that is up to standard of Morpheus at this time. Additionally, Microsoft might not believe VR will take off, and might option to work with its AR glasses instead.

There's a room for both AR and VR in gaming but it will be up to the content creators if these devices should ever see meaningful success.

Back on the matter of The Assembly, some gamers will be glad to know that the game is on the Sony show floor at E3 2014.

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