Subscription boxes are all the rage. For a monthly or annual fee, a box of pre-selected goodies is regularly delivered to your door.

You're completely at the mercy of the company that sends the box and puts it together, but the advantages are many.

For starters, most companies guarantee a certain dollar value in every box to ensure you're getting quality goods. That dollar value is usually considerably higher than the subscription price. Manufacturers of all kinds are offering them now, and they're especially popular among foodies, cosmetics users and toy collectors.

It's that last category that's likely to be excited by the newest subscription box on the block. It's called "Smuggler's Bounty," and it is the world's first-ever official Star Wars subscription box.

Just in time for December's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Funko is now taking orders for this dandy little box that will arrive throughout the year once every two months. Funko promises that each box contains $50 worth of merchandise with "no fluff, no filler" quality goods. The subscription price is half of that dollar value: $25 every other month or $150 for an entire year.

Funko is demonstrating its love of Star Wars fandom by giving each new box its own theme. When the first box arrives in November, it will be themed around (what else?) The Force Awakens. Another box arrives in January with a yet-to-be-announced theme and so on.

The November box is guaranteed to ship with two Force Awakens Pop vinyl bobbleheads, along with "a host of other surprises." According to the Smuggler's Bounty website, every item in every box is exclusive to the boxes. In other words, you can't go to Funko's website or a friendly brick-and-mortar and find any of the stuff you'll get in your subscription box.

Sign up for the yearly plan and Funko promises an extra special gift on the yearly anniversary of your sign-up.

Funko largely trades in vinyl figurines and bobbleheads, but they make more traditional action figures and plush toys as well. So, it's a good bet that some of those items will be in the Smuggler's Bounty boxes — but we're imagining that quite a bit more than that will be included as well (otherwise, Lucasfilm wouldn't have given them the license). T-shirts are definitely on the menu, as the sign-up form asks what size you wear.

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