It's widely known how cheeky Siri can get but the digital personal assistant took things to a new level when it interrupted a White House press briefing.

A journalist was in the middle of asking White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest about the Iran nuclear deal when someone in the group accidentally triggered Siri. It's not clear whose iPhone was to be blamed but its highly likely the woman sitting close to the journalist, whose face had guilt written all over it after Siri beeped to acknowledge a question. Simply activating Siri was not actually the "offense" here. Instead, what is more memorable is how the personal assistant replied.

In the middle of asking if President Barack Obama was upset that he couldn't get one Republican to support the Iran nuclear agreement, the journalist was cut mid-sentence by Siri, that butted in to say "Sorry, I'm not sure what you want me to change."

Though a serious question was being asked, press members briefly paused to laugh off Siri's interjection. Even the press secretary appeared to be amused.

After the laughter died down, the journalist continued with his question. Earnest replied that the administration is indeed disappointed with what happened, that the Iran nuclear deal was filtered in Congress through "partisan lens."

Siri has been triggered accidentally countless times but with the iPhone 6s coming out with the "Hey Siri" feature, it's likely that the personal assistant will figure in more interruptions like this as it can be initiated at any time. Whether or not they'll be just as amusing as this incident is yet to be seen though.

The personal assistant debuted in 2011. It's come a long way since then but it's still mostly used as a party trick, given Siri's snark and sarcasm, and for asking for directions. With "Hey Siri," however, Apple is leveraging voice control to get people what they want and need immediately. Paired with HomeKit, for instance, Siri will have the ability to control certain functions in the home. Just say "Hey Siri" and the personal assistant is launched.

Apple isn't exactly revolutionizing voice-controlled assistants but Siri is the most recognizable of the lot, giving the company a marketing advantage.

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