We've heard a lot of rumors about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but not so much about Suicide Squad. Well, things are changing as a new rumor for the David Ayer-directed film apparently reveals the real villain.

From the beginning, the idea was that the Joker would be the main antagonist, but that changed a bit when actors in weird looking costumes were spotted on set. They seem alien or demonic in some ways, so it left many to wonder if they had something to do with the villain.'

Well, according to the boys from Heroic Hollywood, the villain of Suicide Squad is no other than June Moon, or the Enchantress as she's more popularly known.

There could be some truth behind this because we never get to see Enchantress along with the Suicide Squad, and due to that, many have wondered what role she would play.

The publication claims Enchantress, after possessing June Moon, sets out to resurrect her brother. Apparently, if she should manage to bring him back to life, they would then gain the power to destroy the world.

It would make sense why Deadshot in the trailer, mentioned the need to save the world.

The task of the Suicide Squad is rarely about saving the world from destruction, and more about doing tactical and covert missions for the government. Saving the world would be something more dangerous, and as such, one or more members of the team will not be making it home.

As for the Joker, surely he doesn't want to see the end of the world, despite how crazy he is. That is why could never be the main bad guy, but we assume he's going to play an enormous role regardless.

Whatever the case may be, Suicide Squad so far is looking like a worthy film. If the rumor about Enchantress is solid, then we might be in for one heck of a movie come Aug. 5, 2016.

We should also point out that Warner Bros. is introducing magic very early in the DC Cinematic Universe. We believe this is being done to one up Marvel Studios because we have yet to see a true representation of magic in that universe.

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