Did you know that Margot Robbie could have been Sue Storm in Fantastic Four? Well, lucky for her that she was not cast, because she dodged a hailstorm of bullets.

As we already know, the Fantastic Four movie turned out to be utter disappointment after the first act. We're not sure how 20th Century Fox managed to decide upon allowing such a film to be shown at theaters, but it happened anyway.

As for Margot Robbie, the actress said she did not resonate well enough with the script. Not every actress or actor knows a bad script when they see one, and clearly, Margot Robbie is not one of them.

The actress also dodged a second round of bullets by not watching the movie, and who could blame her? After hearing about all the bad reviews and how upset fans are, not many folks would be willing enough to go out and waste their hard-earned cash on this film.

"I didn't really resonate with the script, and I haven't seen the movie, so I don't really know how it turned out different from the page," said Margot Robbie about Fantastic Four. "But I had a great meeting with the director (Trank), and I really enjoyed that. I guess it's part of the game: sometime[s] you win some, sometimes you lose some."

Margot Robbie's career is still in its infancy, and a terrible movie like Fantastic Four could have caused severe damage. An actor like Will Smith can afford to feature in a few bad movies because studios will still see him as a huge draw. The same can't be said for Robbie, at least not yet.

Because she fell out of the running for the Sue Storm role, Margot Robbie has landed the role of Harley Quinn in the 2016 movie set in the DC Extended Universe, Suicide Squad.

The first trailer shows promise, but only time will tell if it is a good movie or something just as bad as Fantastic Four.

She wouldn't be able to dodge that bullet.

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