TomTom Launches A New Location-Tracking System Designed For Self-Driving Cars


In a recent press release, Dutch navigation and mapping technology company TomTom announced the launch of a new and more efficient system of vehicle localization, aimed at equipping smart automotion technologies with more accurate readings of a vehicle's exact position on the road. 

The software, called RoadDNA, is designed with vehicle data storage and processing limitations in mind: it converts a 3D point cloud of roadside patterns into a more compressed 2D view of the roadway. According to the announcement, RoadDNA "eliminates the complexity of identifying each single roadway object, but instead creates a unique pattern of the roadway environment."

RoadDNA is able to latch onto any on-board system of a vehicle, access its sensors and provide a highly optimized lateral and longitudinal view of the roadway and the vehicles' exact place in it, regardless of travelling speed. 

The software can also be integrated with TomTom's HAD (Highly Automated Driving) Map technology to provide more accurate reads and predict shifting travelling environments.

Via: Business Wire

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