Researchers from Philadelphia's Temple University prove the rapid damage of American Diet in six healthy males. The 6,000-calorie unhealthy diet results in glucose build-up in just three days.

The 6,000-calorie diet is an unhealthy combination of 50 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent fats and 15 percent protein. The study's co-author Salim Merali explains that the men consumed mostly burgers, fries and pizza during the seven-day experiment. The test sounds like an average person's dream come true and most of the participants actually enjoyed it without realizing how dangerously unhealthy it is.

The unique experiment aims to discover the link between type 2 diabetes and excessive eating. While the 6,000-calorie diet is being consumed by highly active people such as athletes, the men were refrained from exercising and were forced to remain in bed to better mimic the activities of their average study market.

The seven-day junk food binge was fun at first but the results proved their worst fears. The men gained an average of 7.7 pounds. Symptoms of insulin resistance and oxidative stress were seen in all participants. Insulin resistance leads to glucose buildup in the bloodstream. When the insulin stops working, cells are unable to absorb the sugar. Glucose buildup is one of the leading causes of diabetes.

Co-author Guenther Boden shares a more shocking revelation. Signs of insulin resistance happened two days into the experiment and became more prominent on the third day. When left uncontrolled, glucose buildup can lead to serious complications and damage the livers, kidneys, and eyes.

Now that there is scientific proof that overeating in a short period of time can lead to severe health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, Boden and his team are ready to take the next step - find out how irreversible the damage is.

"What if you return to your normal eating habits with a lower caloric intake?" adds Boden. "How long will it take to go away? We're going to find the answer, but my guess is it [is] reversible just as fast as it comes."

It is common knowledge that overeating and lack of exercise can lead to obesity and diabetes. The study successfully shows how fast these bad habits can lead to major health issues.

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