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Scientists Find New Antibiotic In Nose Gunk That Can Kill MRSA

Bacteria in the human nose can create the new generation antibiotic that could kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA. Findings could lead to new treatments or preventive medicine.

Medicine July 28, 2016

Meet The 'Raven': Scientists Discover New Whale Species In Bering Sea

The dead whale that washed ashore in Alaska's Bering Sea turns out to be a new whale species. For decades, Japanese fishermen have told stories about the 'karasu' or 'raven' but until now, there was no proof of it.

Animals July 28, 2016

Lack Of Exercise, Sedentary Behavior Cost The World 5 Million Lives And $67.5 Billion Every Year

Physical inactivity costs the world $67.5 billion annually in healthcare expenses and also accounts for 5 million deaths every year. Findings suggest that lack of exercise is an economic burden but could also be the key in lowering chronic diseases.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 28, 2016

How Safe Are Herbal Supplements? Reports Found 15 Dangerous Ingredients That Could Make You Sick

Are herbal and natural supplements really safe? Consumer Reports just published 15 dangerous ingredients found in these supplements that could actually make you sick and even lead to death.

Medicine July 28, 2016

Cockroach Milk Could Be The Superfood Of The Future

These pests might have some use after all. An international team of scientists found that cockroach milk is four times more nutritious than cow's milk and could be the future's superfood.

Animals July 26, 2016

Groot And Rocket Raccoon Mission Patch Aims To Encourage Kids Toward Space Exploration

A new space mission patch features two of Marvel's popular characters with a bit of space-education background: Groot and Rocket Raccoon. The patch will represent the remaining 2016 payloads for the ISS and help encourage students toward space exploration.

Space July 26, 2016

First Zika-Related Microcephaly Birth In Europe Seen In Spain

Spain records first microcephaly birth related to the Zika virus. Doctors at the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona say the baby's status is 'normal and stable' and the mother is doing well after giving birth via C-section.

Public Health July 26, 2016

Medicare Proposes Fixed Payments To Hospitals For Heart Attack Treatments

Medicare proposed to pay bundled or fixed payments to hospitals for heart attack treatments. The new payment scheme could help lower costs and improve health care services through the federal program.

Public Health July 26, 2016

Peak Dates For The Perseids And Delta Aquarids In The Coming Weeks

Meteor showers are coming in the next few weeks! Here are the peak dates for the Delta Aquarid and Perseid meteor showers this July and August and how to best enjoy them.

Earth/Environment July 25, 2016

Johnson & Johnson Subsidiary Acclarent Settles Medical Device-Related Allegations For $18 Million

J&J's subsidiary Acclarent pays $18 million in U.S. court settlement to resolve accusations related to an unapproved medical device. The marketing and distribution of said device resulted in false claims submitted to Medicare and other federal health programs.

Medicine July 25, 2016

San Francisco Bay Area Issues 'Spare The Air' Alert For Monday

Bay Area is set for a 'Spare the Air' day on Monday, July 25. The health program aims to lower air pollution levels and provide advanced warnings to the public when the air quality is forecasted to be unhealthy.

Earth/Environment July 25, 2016

Brain Games, Training Programs Could Lower Alzheimer's Risk

Computerized brain-training programs or 'brain games' can help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer's among healthy individuals. The analysis of a 10-year study could lead to new preventive measures against neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuroscience July 25, 2016

Suspected West Nile Virus Reported In Monmouth County, New Jersey

Monmouth County in New Jersey announced a suspected case of West Nile virus and scheduled ground spraying activities on Tuesday morning. The arbovirus is commonly spread by infected mosquito bites and can cause meningitis and encephalitis.

Public Health July 25, 2016

Here Are The Signs That Your Body Is Overheating

Summer means spending time under the sun, but the body can overheat and cut the fun time short. Here are some signs that the body is overheating, which means it's time to get some shade and cool down.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 25, 2016

Ways To Stop Jet Lag Once And For All

Jet lag is a common complaint among long-distance travelers. Here are some ways on how you can stop jet lag from keeping you up (and down) once and for all.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 24, 2016

California's Seal Beach Reopens After Sewage Spill Incident, Long Beach Remains Closed

A massive sewage spill incident closed down Seal Beach and Long Beach in California. A damaged sewage line spilled a total of 2.4 million gallons of untreated waste into the Los Angeles River.

Public Health July 24, 2016

Suspected Zika Cases In Miami Ups Mosquito Control Efforts

Following the announcements of suspected Zika infections linked to local transmissions, Florida ups its mosquito control efforts to keep a possible disease outbreak at bay. Investigations are underway to determine the number of potentially infected individuals in Broward and Miami-Dade.

Public Health July 24, 2016

New Hampshire E. Coli Outbreak Sickens 12, Linked To Ground Beef

E. coli outbreak in New Hampshire sickens 12 people. The recent foodborne incident has been linked to ground beef, but state and federal officials are still working together to find the exact source.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 23, 2016

Hot Bath Shares Similar Health Benefits With Exercise

You can get the benefits of exercise with a long, hot bath. A new study suggests that soaking in toasty waters can burn a lot of calories and keep blood sugar levels within normal range.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 22, 2016

Taking Anti-HIV Pill Before And After Sex Could Prevent Infection

Findings from a new study show that taking anti-HIV pills before and after sex can lower the risks of developing an HIV infection. The anti-HIV pill also helps lower the rates of condom usage among the participants.

Public Health July 21, 2016

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