PlayStation Exclusive 'Gotham: Rise Of The Villains' Season Premiere Available Today Only


Gotham will be back on Sept. 21 with a much expected second season, titillatingly entitled Rise of the Villains. There are a couple of hundred-million viewers who can see it before everyone else, and they all reside in the U.S.

Only today, PlayStation Plus members from the United States have the chance to enjoy the premiere of anticipated Season 2 of Gotham: Rise of the Villains. It's not only a week prior to the worldwide launch programmed for Sept. 21, but it's also free.

Enter the PlayStation Store right now to watch the first episode, named "Damned If You Do." You can enjoy the premiere on desktop or console, to your own choice. You should hurry, though, as the unique Plus-exclusive occasion only lasts until Tuesday, Sept. 15 at noon PT.

During its first season, Gotham spent time building tension for the appearance of Batman's par excellence enemy, the Joker. A couple of episodes showed characters develop in such a way that any of them had the potential of becoming the dreaded villain. Producers have been very discreet about this aspect, and it only added to the show's attraction.

All bets are on character Jerome Valeska, who is played by actor Cameron Monaghan in the episode entitled "The Blind Fortune Teller." A teaser released by Fox points to Valeska as the most likely candidate, and the fans seem high on the rumor.

A couple of other important characters are rumored to make an entrance during Season 2. "Theo Galavan," executive producer Danny Cannon announced, is just a stage name that hides a true character's name, and it seems to be an essential part of the plot. Most fans assume that Galavan will be revealed as Ra's al Ghul. Tabitha Galavan, more famous for the role of Tigress in the DC series, will also join the cast and be played by Jessica Lucas.

Fans will witness the return of maleficent Edward Nygma, and Mr. Freeze is rumored to appear during Season 2 as well. No information regarding the actors playing them is available at the moment. Regular characters Lucius Fox, Harvey Dent and Leslie Thompkins, played by Chris Chalk, Nicholas D'Agosto and Morena Baccarin, respectively, will be part of the standard line-up.

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