Snapchat is known as being the messaging service that allows users to see pictures and videos once — and never again. While the company is allowing one replay per day, it seems as though it is taking things a step further.

Snapchat today announced that users could purchase three replays for 99 cents each. This not only allows users to see messages again, but it also represents the first time that Snapchat is charging users to use an extra feature within the app.

Considering the fact that Snapchat currently has 100 million users, at 99 cents a pop, this feature could turn into a nice chunk of change for the company as it struggles to turn the app into a service worthy of the $16 billion valuation that it was given earlier this year.

What makes this interesting is the fact that replays are basically Snapchat putting a price on a feature that already exists. Users have been able to take advantage of one replay per day for two years now. Of course, some users will be surprised that messages can be replayed at all, considering the fact that the company labels its service as a disappearing messaging service.

Snapchat isn't the only company that stands to gain from the new feature. Apple charges 30 percent for in-app purchases. Despite this, a spokesperson did not confirm whether or not Apple will be making money from the feature.

This is also not the only way that Snapchat makes money. The company has started displaying advertisements in its "Discover" section, which offers small videos and stories for users to see. Unlike traditional advertising, however, users have to willingly go to the Discover section rather than sit through advertisements to do things like send or see messages.

Snapchat also added a number of new free features, such as new photo lenses that distort faces within the photo.

Via: The Wall Street Journal

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