Already dubbed as the world's most innovative universal remote, Logitech Harmony stays on top of its game upon the release of Elite, an advancement where the homey comfort of a universal remote meets the modernness of touchscreen.

For those who are techie or rich enough to collect the most recent releases, Logitech Harmony Elite is indeed, the best way to organize technology.

The universal remote gives its users more power over their own home devices. On the screen, home equipment such as Smart TV, X-box, PS4, Smart Blenders, light, and many other gadgets line up like smartphone features ready to follow directions in one touch. Favorite TV channels may also be bookmarked.

Outside the screen, everyone's favorite buttons such as pause, back, replay, and others are comfortably placed. There are also buttons for accessing lighting and temperature controls.

The next-level remote keeps up with the latest smart TV and smart home device releases. As of Sept. 16, the remote can control about 270,000 smart appliances based on the company's tally, Slash Gear reports.

At one of its recent showcases, the remote stunned the press by efficiently commanding an array of different devices. Fifteen devices can be grouped in the "Activities" feature where they can be controlled at once. When a user hits the "Watch a Movie" button, Elite turns on the TV, cranks the sound, pulls the curtains, and dims the lights. Of course, it will only happen for users who have smart gadgets sitting around their houses.

Elite comes with a convenient charging stand where it can rest when unused. The charging stand is an excellent way to remind users to put the remote back in place instead of losing it in the living room cushions. It also has 20 percent more battery life than Harmony Ultimate. CNET claims that the increase in battery life is not enough considering people's current dependence on gadgets.

Just like its predecessor, Logitech Harmony Companion, Elite comes with a hub which regulates all devices in the house. The hub has infrared, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

The remote is sold for a hefty $350.

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