In its aim to win the hearts of film buffs, Epix, a joint project of Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM, is now treating its subscribers to an offline movie viewing experience.

Epix, a premium cable network, claims this is the first time a traditional TV network is offering an offline movie viewing capability. This is a feature that Netflix has vowed never to offer.

The cable network's licensing agreement with Netflix is already set to expire at the end of September. Meanwhile, the company's deal with Hulu will start on Oct. 1. Earlier this year, Epix renewed its agreement with Amazon Prime.

The offline movie capability feature is said to land on Epix's mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, Android mobile phones, and Kindle Fire devices.

However, Epix said the new feature will only be offered to subscribers of its cable or satellite packages.

"By creating a network first, true TV Everywhere experience, consumers can now download a movie from our library and watch it anywhere, anytime, even without a Wi-Fi connection - while waiting at the airport, traveling by train, commuting to work, or even on a camping trip," states Mark Greenberg, the CEO of Epix. "Consumers now have guaranteed content mobility."

In addition, the company says the feature will be limited to a few titles.

Currently, Epix is offering around 3,000 titles. These include the following popular films: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Skyfall, and the Star Trek franchises, as well as music and comedy features which showcase talents such as Louie C.K., Craig Ferguson, Mark Maron, and Katy Perry.

It is worth noting that users can watch a movie multiple times within 30 days of downloading it or within seven days of first viewing it. Interestingly, users of Epix can also download 25 movies simultaneously.

Moreover, it is reported that the network is planning to launch this latest feature through a marketing campaign where it will partner with affiliated distributors, which include the following: Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, Cox Communications, and Verizon FiOS, and AT&T U-verse.

Epix has pioneered the establishment of the so-called TV Everywhere experience, which it introduced in 2009. It is also deemed as one of the youngest channels today.

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