We've heard from the Republicans concerning the 2016 presidential campaign, and we'll soon hear from the Democrats and maybe even the Green Party. But if none of these candidates work for you, there's one team you can always count on: Bloom County's Bill The Cat and Opus.

Bloom County mastermind Berkeley Breathed recently announced Bill and Opus' candidacy via his Facebook page and offered an exclusive poster to support the campaign, which appropriately says "THBBFT: Okay, then who else?"

Breathed originally released the poster as a limited signed exclusive, one that sold out quickly. However, he also mentioned that copies of the poster, as well as a T-shirt, are on the way for those who didn't nab the limited edition.

Berkeley's strip also covered Bill and Opus' journey as they become presidential candidates. Bill's having a little problem running, though, because he's dead.

However, Opus explained it well: "He's not dead. He's just passed out from life."

Bill The Cat first ran for president way back in 1984 as a member of the National Radical Meadow Party. He also ran in 1988 with that party, but lost both elections because of various scandals: he coughed up a hairball on Connie Chung and was outed as a Bartles & Jaymes junkie. Eventually, things got weird when Bill ended up with Donald Trump's brain. That resulted in Bill buying the Bloom County comic strip and firing all the characters.

Obviously, being a dead cat with Trump's brain means that Bill has to run again in 2016.

Bloom County returned this year after a 25-year hiatus with Breathed releasing the comic strips via social media, although they're also now available at GoComics.com.

Bloom County won a Pulitzer Prize in 1987 for its honest critiquing of American culture. The new version of the strip continues that tradition and mocks the worst that our culture has to offer.

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