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Facebook Replaces 'Disputed Flags' With 'Related Articles' To Fight Against Fake News

Facebook continues its fight against fake news and announced new measures to ensure that false information has little or no chance of getting spread around. Key changes are up for immediate implementation on the site.

Internet December 21, 2017

Even 'Pokémon GO' Was Used By Russian Troll Farm To Divide America

Russia's efforts to divide America used Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and even 'Pokémon GO.' The mobile game was exploited by a fake Black Lives Matter campaign that was linked to the Kremlin's Internet Research Agency.

Internet October 13, 2017

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out At The Women In The World Summit: ‘As An American, I’m Worried’

Hillary Clinton ends her silence with a lively discussion at the Women in the World Summit where she expressed her concern about the Republican administration.

Life & Style April 7, 2017

Sequestered ‘Big Brother: OTT’ Contestants Shocked When Told U.S. Presidential Election Results On Streaming Show: Watch Their Live Reactions

Sequestered contestants of ‘Big Brother: OTT’ were told of the Presidential election results live on the CBS All Access streaming show. Host Julie Chen delivered the news live to shocked housemates, who had been denied access to all outside communication and information since they entered in September.

Celebrities November 14, 2016

Tim Cook Sends Memo To Apple Employees After Trump Win: 'Move Forward Together'

Following the unexpected win of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent a personal email to all of his employees, encouraging them that the best way for the company is to 'move forward together.'

Apple November 11, 2016

Did Fake News On Facebook Help Donald Trump Win The 2016 Election? CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says That's 'Crazy'

Has fake news that ran rampant on Facebook during the 2016 Presidential election influenced Donald Trump's victory? New York Magazine's Max Read thinks so, but Zuckerberg disagrees.

Internet November 11, 2016

Election Day 2016: Where Do I Vote Today, Predictions And How To Know Presidential Election Results

It’s been a stressful election season but Election Day 2016 is finally upon us! Here’s how you can find your polling place, learn about predictions and find out who will be the 45th president of the United States.

Life & Style November 8, 2016

US Elections 2016: Hackers Wage Attack On Election Systems In 20 States

The voter systems of 20 U.S. states have been hacked. The FBI has assured the public that there should be no concern about the possibility of altering the result of the November election.

Security October 3, 2016

The Most Entertaining Political Apps For Both Trump And Clinton Supporters

While watching the presidential debate on Monday evening, check out these entertaining political apps to send the perfect GIFs and memes to others or play games while on commercial break.

Apps/Software September 26, 2016

Facebook Launches First-Ever Nationwide Voter Registration Drive

Social networking site Facebook has kicked off a nationwide registration drive targeting the site's U.S. users aged 18 and above. As part of the initiative, Facebook has introduced a 'Register Now' feature that will appear on the News Feed of users.

Internet September 25, 2016

Facebook, ABC To Livestream Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both gearing up for the hot seat when the debates begin later this month. ABC is planning to take advantage of Facebook Lives' interactive experience to give the debates some spice.

Internet September 21, 2016

Google State-Specific Voter Registration Guide Offers How To Vote Instructions Ahead Of 2016 Presidential Election

Google announced that it will offer state-specific voting instructions for the United States in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election. The tool may increase voter turnout, but it is hard to say beforehand who will benefit from it.

Google August 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton Secures Enough Delegates To Become First Woman Democratic Presidential Nominee

Based on CNN's count, Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates to become the first woman to become a Democratic presidential nominee. However, Bernie Sanders, Clinton's rival in the primaries, said that the count is not final and does not hold water.

Life & Style June 7, 2016

Thomas Edison's First Patented Invention Was An Electric Voting Machine

Thomas Edison is best known for inventing the lightbulb and for being one of the fathers of movie-making and sound recording. There's a less-recognized invention the Wizard of Menlo Park designed that in many ways could have changed the course of American history - that is, if it had ever been given a chance.

Computers February 11, 2016

Donald Trump Is Popular Because He Speaks To Voters Like They’re Fourth-Graders: Study

Donald Trump may not think that you are smarter than a fifth grader. A study showed that Trump gave his presidential candidacy announcement using language that corresponds to fourth-grade level speech.

Internet Culture October 23, 2015

Bloom County's Bill The Cat And Opus Want Your Vote For The 2016 Presidential Election

In case you're at a loss of who to vote for in next year's presidential election, you're in luck: Bloom County's Bill The Cat and Opus have announced their candidacy.

Movies/TV Shows September 17, 2015

The Search Engine Manipulation Effect: Researchers Show How Google Can Manipulate The 2016 Elections To Its Liking

Research shows that Google has a huge capacity to manipulate search rankings by simply conducting minor tweaks to its algorithms. This ability allows the company to have a major impact in the 2016 presidential elections.

Internet September 1, 2015

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