Amazon Selling $50 Fire Tablets In Six-Packs: Why This Is A Good Move


Amazon now offers its seven-inch Fire tablets at a cheap price of $50 each. Customers can also opt to get it in a pack of six worth $250.

The six-pack deal means that customers are paying $50 for each of the five tablets but are getting the sixth tablet absolutely free. With an unbeatable price of $250, Amazon may have won everyone's attention.

The Amazon Fire Tablet has a seven-inch IPS display with 1024 by 600 resolution and 171 ppi. It runs on a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor and is built with rear and front-facing cameras.

Amazon touts the Fire tablet as a device that has the best screen on the market under the $50 price point.

"Fire has the best screen on a tablet under $50, with an IPS (In Plane Switching) display. IPS displays provide 2x wider viewing angles than standard TN (Twisted Nematic) screens so you can enjoy a great viewing experience at all angles. IPS also offers a broad color gamut for rich color reproduction in movie, TV, photos and magazines. The Fire display also packs an impressive 300 nits of brightness and an advanced polarizing filter so you always have a great viewing experience," said Amazon.

Other notable specs include 8GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, the latest Fire OS version and a battery that can last up to seven hours with average use.

Perhaps one question a user would ask when deciding to get the six-pack Fire tablets from Amazon is why he would need six tablets. However, for someone who likes to keep a tablet handy and easily reachable in every room of the house, Amazon's offer is certainly a good way to meet such purpose.

Let's see what users can do with six tablets.

1. If you belong to a six-member peer group or family, you can convince your friends and loved ones to each get a Fire tablet from Amazon through this bundle. This is a good way to share media content and also make suggestions based on each one's interests.

2. For those who like to read recipes online, they can easily place one Fire tablet as a stationary device in the kitchen. In fact, they can place one Fire tablet in every room of the house.

3. The device also makes for a good cost-effcient alternative to an expensive handset. This is especially true when one just needs to check stuff, such as email, on a device that can offers just enough power for such activities.

It's good that Amazon is offering it in a six-pack deal. It's hard to imagine, however, how the list would look like when Amazon offers it in a pack of ten.

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