Hyperloop Technologies names its future-to-be prototype as "the fifth mode of transport" and presents an exciting video detailing that.

The project is born under the vision of inventor and engineer Elon Musk and its purpose is to create a high-speed transportation system that uses low-pressure tube trains. The maximum speed will be around 800 miles per hour (1,300 km/h for our European readers). Two companies, Hyperloop Technologies and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies work together to realize Musk's concept.

In the video, the excitement of the team is transparent and the phrasing carefully chosen. "Actually make the world a better place" and "live anywhere, work anywhere, and be anywhere" are statements that would melt the heart of any person looking to commute faster, safer and cheaper.

Oddly enough, the video can only be accessed with a direct link - what this means is that you can't see it even on Hyperloop's YouTube Page. In spite of this, the Twitter account read on Wednesday:

Hyperloop is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnrXBdznOe8

- HyperloopTech (@HyperloopTech) September 16, 2015

The post is far from random, as the company's press release from Wednesday shows. Among other things, it announces that ex Cisco president of sales and development, Rob Lloyd, is the new CEO of Hyperloop. He switched places with Brogan Bambrogan, cofounder of Hyperloop Technologies, who became CTO of the transportation company this week.

"The most transformative new mode of transportation that the world has seen in decades," Lloyd describes the innovative idea.

He took time to praise his team of more than 50 people, encompassing engineers, designers, manufacturers, legal officers and human resource specialists. Lloyd also described the advances in tube-travelling technology obtained under Bambrogan: compressor, levitation, propulsion and tube architecture have seen significant steps forward. Key terms he used were optimization, innovation, advanced energy storage, custom electromagnetic motor, strong and cost-effective build.

What the press release left out is an essential element: time. By the end of 2016 or early 2017, Hyperloop Technologies wishes to construct a two-mile test track in Los Angeles. Once it is completed, the startup will show its true colors. At that speed, they might shift from red to green for everyone.

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