Square Enix Debuts 'Final Fantasy XV: Dawn 2.0' Trailer With New Footage Of Noctis And Luna


Square Enix just released another Final Fantasy XV teaser trailer called Dawn 2.0, revealing new footage of the game's protagonists, Noctis and Luna.

Final Fantasy XV is the latest entry in the popular series and it should become available next year. Although the game is still at least six months away from release, Square Enix is boosting excitement with new teasers.

Not too long ago, Square Enix released an intriguing trailer titled Dawn, set 15 years before the action in Final Fantasy XV. The trailer showed King Regis holding his son Noctis, mourning the young child's destiny as the chosen one.

Just like the previous Dawn trailer, the new Dawn 2.0 focuses on the events 15 years prior to the game's action, giving further insight into the protagonists' past and the Final Fantasy XV world.

"This updated cut of the 'Dawn' trailer reveals new footage of the game's protagonists, Noctis and Luna, as the hardships of their past give them purpose in the present," Square Trade explains in its description of Dawn 2.0. "Their journey begins."

Final Fantasy XV: Dawn 2.0 shows Luna surrounded by armed guards, recalling the attack 15 years ago, when she was a young girl. Similarly, the new trailer also shows Noctis recalling the events shown in the previous Dawn trailer.

The new trailer is a bit less dramatic than the previous one, but it hints at the relationship between Luna and Noctis, which will be a big part of the story in Final Fantasy XV. Last month, director Hajime Tabata told GameSpot that Luna and Noctis will indeed be romantically involved in the upcoming game, but it won't be a "typical love story."

While previous Final Fantasy titles launched in Japan first and later made their way to other regions, the upcoming Final Fantasy XV will launch simultaneously worldwide. The game will hit the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One consoles sometime in 2016, but more information regarding a specific launch date won't be available until March 2016.

In the meantime, check out the previous Dawn trailer, as well as the new Dawn 2.0 below to get a better idea of the past events leading up to the action in Final Fantasy XV.

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