Over a decade ago, LucasArts released video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords. Now, more than 10 years after its initial release, new updates for the game have popped up.

A restored version of the game came out earlier this year, including a mod that introduced long forgotten content back into the story. This included new dialogue and scenes, as well as Steam cloud saves, support for widescreen and 4K resolution, Steam Workshop support and a few new menu options.

Then, the game's publisher, Aspyr, asked Steam players what else they'd like to see added to Knights of the Old Republic II, particularly with achievements. Players responded, and now Aspyr has added some of those suggestions to the game.

"Currently there are 37 achievements in the game," wrote Aspyr on the game's Steam forum. "We'd like to see that list rise to about 50. We will be picking 15 or so from this discussion to be created, implemented, and vetted."

Here's the list of confirmed new achievements:

#1 I hate everything about you - Reduce a companion's Influence to zero.

#2 Unlimited Power - Acquire all Dark Side Powers.

#3 I Am A Jedi - Acquire all Light Side Powers.

#4 Dancing Queen - Dance for Vogga.

#5 No Jedi can stop us - Kill all the Jedi masters.

#6 Over Achiever - Reach Player Level 30.

#7 Silent, But Deadly - Have 30 points in Stealth.

#8 Let's Blow This Place! - Have 30 points in Demolitions.

#9 I've Seen How You Use a Hydrospanner - Have 30 points in Repair.

#10 We Have to Hack Into the Mainframe! - Have 30 points in Computer Use.

#11 Trust Me, I'm a Doctor - Have 30 points in Treat Injury.

#12 It's a trap! - Get this by starting the "Trapped" Quest on Korriban.

#13 Hutt Oil - Convince Vogga the Hutt to sell fuel to Telos.

#14 Cheater - Convince the "champ" to lose the game without playing.

#15 Finders Keepers - Claim Darth Nihilus' mask.

#16 The Sith Lord - Have your character replace any of the Sith Lords on the main menu screen.

#17 Breaking the Oath - Teach the Handmaiden the ways of the Force.

#18 You ARE the droid I'm looking for - Deduce G0-T0's identity.

#19 Assassination Protocol: Active - Learn how to kill Jedi from HK-47.

#20 Cupid's Rifle - Listen to HK-47's definition of love. (Blair's favorite)

Although, Aspyr did not provide release dates for these updates, the company promised that they would come soon.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II is available on Steam for $9.99, with these new updates coming soon.

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