When Samsung released its health and fitness app S Health in April, it was only supported by its Galaxy devices equipped with Android 5.0 operating system. And while S Health is also a standalone app in the Google Play Store, Samsung has finally made the health app available on all Android phones.

Samsung announced on Friday that S Heath is now compatible with all Android devices, regardless of the manufacturer. However, the devices must be running on Android 4.4 KitKat or above.

Whereas there are countless wearables on the market that track everything from steps taken, calories burned, and a user's quality of sleep, Android smartphones let users access all this data right from their device with the in-house app. S Health is an activity tracking app that helps users monitor and manage their weight, level of exercise and overall health.

(Photo : Samsung)

The app measures the user's heart rate via built-in sensors featured in devices starting with the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone and Gear devices. S Health further tracks steps, calorie intake and sleep, as well as measuring stress and blood oxygen levels.

Users can see their health data in a quick summary and charts on the app, which also allows users to set goals to achieve their desired level of fitness. S Health additionally syncs with third-party apps so all your health and fitness data are in one centralized location.

S Health is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Via: Android Central

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