'Metal Gear Solid' Voted PlayStation's Best Game Of All Time


It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since the original PlayStation made its grand debut. Since then, gaming has become a mainstream part of pop culture — most people don't think of gamers as basement-dwelling, friendless nerds anymore, and that's thanks in part to the PlayStation.

Of course, the PlayStation is nothing without its massive library of games. As a way to celebrate two decades of Sony gaming, the PlayStation Blog asked fans to vote on which games were their absolute favorites from Sony's original gray box. There were hundreds of different titles to choose from, but only one could be crowned as the Best PlayStation Game of All Time — and, to be fair, the winner probably won't come as much of a surprise.

Metal Gear Solid, a game that helped revitalize stealth action and pushed the envelope for stories in gaming, was chosen as the greatest PlayStation game ever made. Again, it's not much of a surprise: Hideo Kojima's stealth epic is still widely regarded as the best in the entire franchise. Even with an amazing remake in The Twin Snakes, many fans consider the PlayStation version to be the absolute definitive edition of Metal Gear Solid.

The runner-up is also something of a no-brainer: the absolutely phenomenal Final Fantasy VII just missed out on de-throning Metal Gear Solid. Frankly, both titles deserve the top spot: Final Fantasy VII brought the franchise to the PlayStation in a grand fashion, and like Metal Gear, Final Fantasy VII helped push the boundaries of storytelling in games.

While the top two spots are no surprise, the third and fourth place winners are a bit out of left field: Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot: Warped took the last two spots on the podium. Both are amazing games, there's no arguing that, but it's still surprising to see games like Resident Evil and Spyro the Dragon fail to make the list. It just goes to show how important Crash Bandicoot was to the PlayStation brand: Naughty Dog's first mascot was the face of PlayStation throughout the early years, and it seems like fans haven't forgotten.

To check out the winners (and their respective trophies), head on over to the PlayStation Blog.

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