Creative Team 3D-Prints Miniature High Fashion Models And Designer Couture


A photography duo made the runway come to them with the help of a 3D printer: Santiago and Mauricio, a creative team based in New York City, created a collection of dolls and high fashion outfits in miniature versions exclusively with 3D-printed materials.

The photographers based the dimensions of face and figure of the high-end, stylish dolls on supermodel Lindsey Wixson. To do this, both Santiago and Mauricio scanned Wixson using 3D tech and created the posable figurines with a resin printer over the course of one year.

The outfits were based on designs by notable names like Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Prada and Saint Laurent.

Santiago and Mauricio had some help, collaborating with the modeling agency the Society Management, as well as the custom doll maker AY Collective. Stylist Charlotte Stockdale was brought in to oversee all styling-related matters, while the 3D printing company Fauxograph held up the tech end of things.

Wixson herself continued to champion the project and tweeted out a cover girl-style design that the photography duo curated. The name of the faux magazine? "Modoll," of course.

Via: Mashable

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