Hi Siri, is Nuance up for sale? I don't know. Ask WSJ


A new report has claimed that Samsung is making moves to bring forth its own Siri like voice assistance by offering to acquire Nuance, the company whose technology helped power Siri.

This could turn out to be a smart and important move by Samsung if the company gets what it wants.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nuance had held discussions with a number of private equity firms along with Samsung. However, the Journal said it has no idea if those talks were serious or if a deal was nailed down in the process.

Nuance Communications is the company behind the Dragon Dictation app, which is a well-known voice dictation app among other products. The company's technology also powers Siri, Apple's personal voice assistant system that laid the groundwork for Google Now, Cortana and even S Voice from Samsung.

Interestingly enough, Apple isn't the only company that use Nuance to power its personal voice assistant, Samsung does the same thing to power S Voice and voice recognition in its TVs. Furthermore, Nuance formerly made it clear that the company will also power voice recognition in Samsung's new line of wearable devices back in September of 2013.

Nuance is also seen as one of those companies that can effectively compete with Google Now, Siri, Cortana and other personal voice assistant systems in the emerging market, but so far Nuance has chosen to build relationships rather than break them.

As per Nuance CMO Peter Mahoney, in an interview with ReadWrite, the company is working on improving its own personal voice assistance to communicate with humans more fluidly, something that Microsoft is already working on with Cortana

"Dialogue is really important," Mahoney said. "In the original systems that came out, it operated like a search engine. You say something and something comes back, but it may or may not be the right thing. But that's not how humans work. Humans disambiguate. We clarify."

If Samsung should find a way to acquire Nuance, it would be a huge problem for Apple. Chances are; Apple, would at a later date move away from Nuance and seek out others to power Siri. It wouldn't be too farfetched to see Siri powered by the same technology that powers Cortana, since Apple and Microsoft has been partnering up lately.

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