The Seth Rollins vs. Sting WWE World Heavyweight championship match at the WWE Night of Champions (2015) pay-per-view on Sunday night ended in peculiar fashion, when Rollins reversed the Scorpion Deathlock and got a roll-up pinfall to retain the belt.

Well, that ending might have been triggered by a serious injury. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that Sting suffered a possible career-ending neck injury earlier in the match, when taking a turnbuckle bomb from the defending champion. also confirmed the injury report, but only merely stated: "Sting reportedly sustained an injury Sunday night during his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against champion Seth Rollins."

The report would more than explain the bout ending in a odd small package and not leading to anything more dramatic, with Sheamus and Kane only interfering afterward, perhaps in an attempt to take attention away from Sting's injury.

If the report pans out as being true and the injury is indeed career-ending, it would spell the finish to a rather remarkable pro-wrestling career, but one in which the Icon could never quite find his footing with WWE.

Since officially making his first appearance in the WWE during the main event of Survivor Series last November, Sting, real name Steve Borden, 56, has only officially wrestled in a few matches, including his WrestleMania 31 loss to Triple H and this past Sunday night's loss to the 29-year-old Rollins.

Currently, aside from confirming the severity of his injury, online banter of whether Sting will appear on Monday Night Raw seems to be the biggest question.

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