A few days before Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet hits market shelves in the U.S., the company is offering its earlier version Surface Pro 2 with price cuts of $100 and $200 depending on storage configurations.

Pro 2’s 64GB and 128GB storage sells from $899 to $799, while 256GB and 512GB storage sells from $1,799 to $1,599.

Microsoft started its price cuts in the U.K. late in May. Apparently, the price cuts are also slated to come in France and other countries, other reports reveal.

Research says some consumers might not regard the discounted second-generation Surface Pro as a steal or budget-friendly, but professionals wanting to get an efficient tablet that can perform like a laptop may find this otherwise.

Microsoft has been accepting pre-orders for Surface Pro 3 since its announcement on May 21 in New York City, but it is expected to be officially up for grabs from retail stores on Friday. Price starts at $999 for 128GB model and $1,299 for 256GB model, including the pen but not a keyboard or cover. Consumers who pre-ordered a Corei5 tablet version of Pro 3 tweeted the notification of shipment they received on June 17.

Surface Pro 3’s Core i3 and i7 are unavailable yet and expected to be rolled out later in August. Nevertheless, its Corei5 with 128GB storage will start shipping on June 30, and not on June 20 as earlier reported. The third generation of Surface Pro will be available in retail partners of Microsoft such as Best Buy and on Microsoft’s own stores and online outlet.

Some configurations of the earlier model of Surface Pro are said to similarly cost with the newer version. If such is the case, naturally, people may find the latest version more appealing and reasonable to buy given the specs and price differences, some market watchers say. Expect further price slashes of Surface Pro 2 to completely empty its bin when the Surface Pro 3 finally hit the shelves, these watchers likewise say.

Others, meanwhile, think the new pricing of Microsoft balances the differences between the two Surface Pro devices. While Pro 2 boasts of a smaller yet heavier footprint and faster processor, Pro 3 has a further functional design.

Microsoft guarantees to support with firmware and software updates on its Surface Pro 2 till April 10, 2018. It can still be ordered through the official website of the company. As previously reported, chief of Surface Panos Panay admits that the company intends to stop the production and eventually phase out the second-gen devices, except for its ARM-based models. Critics say it is obviously a move to make way for Surface Pro 3 devices.

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