Apple's iMacs are some of the most popular all-in-ones on the market today. They have a simple, streamlined and space-saving design that feels premium, while delivering a lot of power for the professional user. These are some of the major reasons why the iMac appeals to a lot of people.

However, design and power do not come without a cost, and by cost, I mean a lot of cost. With the current generation, the lowest-end iMac, a 27-inch with 5K Retina display, sells for at least $2,000 on Amazon.

Seeing as they are so expensive, it would sicken you if they broke down. It's even worse if AppleCare does not cover the damage. You're probably hating yourself at this point, thinking how you want to punch the iMac every time you see it. But before your emotions get the better of you, try to be more methodical about it.

Ryan Roberts, a.k.a Tech Assassin, is a methodical person. He also runs the YouTube channel FullMag, which has over a million subscribers. Using his fame to full effect, he methodically educates the world on what happens to the latest devices when they meet lead.

Roberts, a guy who likes long walks on the beach, was issued an ATF destructive device license. So what makes him special?

Since his channel became live, Roberts has tested a lot of devices against a lot of firearms and a lot of explosives. In one of his videos, he stuffed a Mac Pro with as much C-4 as it can pack. As you may have guessed, it had its moment as a flying trash can. This time, however, Roberts got his hands on something a little bit different - 8.5 tons of difference.

The Tech Assassin subjected the new Cupertino pride to the destruction that a T8 90mm anti-tank cannon brings. The round he fired was almost as tall as the AIO. Of course, there's no question on what happened after it went through the 5K Retina display.

If you're seeing the possibilities and take a kind of bizarre enjoyment off this, some caution is advised if you're going to try it. Note that the round becomes supersonic and shreds itself.

Roberts doesn't always focus his tech assassination attempts at Apple. He has also subjected other devices from other brands to the test, such as the LG G4, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and even the classic Nokia 3310; all have failed, unsurprisingly. But the Apple videos always seem to be a little bit more special than the others.

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