One of the best parts about watching The Simpsons every week is seeing what new silly, shocking and strange couch gag will be featured in the opening credits sequence. Over the years, we've seen The Flintstones sit on the couch, enigmatic street artist Banksy use the opening to comment on factory conditions in developing countries and the Game of Thrones opening credits sequence get The Simpsons treatment.

Opening credits sequences for The Simpsons can sometimes be horrifying, but this one created by French character designer Yoann Hervo takes the cake. The clip opens with what appears to be an even creepier version of the Comic Book Guy in his underwear at his computer, which is shown to feature a stretched-out Bart banging his chalk on the chalkboard. The tribute video continues to show a warped view of Springfield and its beloved characters, complete with a room full of Lisas playing the saxophone during band practice, Homer's face filling up his pink car as he drives home from work and Maggie solely driving the car with Marge in the passenger seat. The clip comes with a damaged VHS tape effect, which makes it look even more like found footage of a rejected opening credits sequence for this series.

This tribute video appears to be a part of a collaborative project between Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon and James Hatley with the intention to have some animators produce a short in the Simpsons universe in their own style, according to the description of the video on YouTube. Apparently, the goal of the project hasn't come to fruition, but at least this video was made publicly available to give us all nightmares.

Now that this video is out there, The Simpsons should definitely consider using this to open this year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode.

Check out the full tribute below.

Via: Kotaku

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