Apple has released an updated version of the newly announced iOS 9, designed to fix some early bugs found in the new mobile operating system.

One bug in particular froze the device running iOS 9 on the "slide to update" screen, as well as problems with alarms and timers failing to go off.

The release highlights how careful Apple has been in the release of iOS 9. While previous iOS releases have been somewhat disastrous because of bugs and other issues, iOS 9 has remained fairly bug-free apart from the few small issues addressed today. This is especially true in comparison with the release of iOS 8, which was a disaster for the company. The update itself is called iOS 9.0.1, and is available today to anyone with a device able to install iOS 9.

In fact, according to Apple, more than half of its users had downloaded iOS 9 already, representing the fastest iOS adoption rate ever.

Apple also recently released documentation detailing how users could install the update if their device froze when it was being upgraded. The document was also updated today.

The software update also precedes the release of iOS 9.1, which will add new emoji as well as settings for the new "Hey, Siri" feature, enabling the device to acclimate to a user's voice.

Via: Re/Code

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