Here's How To Find The Secret Destiny Level That Rewards Players With Black Spindle Sniper Rifle


Players have been delighted to discover all the secret levels and missions that Bungie has jam-packed into the Destiny Expansion, The Taken King (TTK), and these are not all necessarily easy missions either. Some of them are extremely challenging to say the least, but the rewards are well worth the hardship.

One such level that has been uncovered, and shared by some excited Destiny TTK players on Reddit, is quite the doozy. First of all, it is a difficult level hidden within another already difficult level - but if you survive, the reward is no less than a sweet-year two exotic, ammo-regeneration sniper rifle called, Black Spindle.

WARNING: Slight spoilers for the Daily Mission, Lost to Light below, but read on if you want to know exactly how to get to the secret level to earn the nerfed-up Black Spindle.

According to players who have completed the secret level, in order to access the mission, you first need to log on to the daily mission, 'Lost to Light'.

Go through the mission as quickly as possible so the clock doesn't run out on you. Some players reported just high-tailing it through the 'Taken', saving up their ammo and not looking back.

Get yourselves to the third door of the escape route - the one that requires three relics to open.

Instead of opening the door, run past it and turn to find the Fallen Ketch where the Taniks strike is.

If you were able to get here with still some time left on the clock, your Ghost will tell you about a Fallen transmission. After which, you will be given only 10 minutes to clear the whole Ketch of Taken. Players have reported that this is "tough as hell" so bring friends for the ride and equip the best gear you've got.

Run out of time and you'll be booted out and back to orbit.

However, survive the massacre and you will manage to win yourself a cool bounty of the Black Spindle, which is one of the weapons that Bungie nerfed in its last Destiny update.

The Black Spindle is the second version of Black Hammer. It is a sniper rifle that regenerates its own ammo by taking it from reserves rather than from your ether chest.

Here are some clips of evidence of players making it through the uber-difficult secret level, courtesy of CatMerc a.k.a TheWarCatz:

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