The next time you're tempted to unlock the bootloader on your Moto X Pure, be warned that Motorola will nullify the warranty on your handset.

Why? Because the Moto X Pure is not a developer edition handset. The information comes courtesy of a Motorola employee who made the announcement in an official post in the company's forum.

"The new [2015] Moto X Pure is not a developer edition, so unlocking the bootloader does void the warranty. Sorry about the lack of clarity on this. We've been using this answer but I was double-checking it before posting," noted the Forums Manager, known only as Matt, in the official Motorola support forum.

The latest Moto X Pure has fast gained favor with consumers and developers alike, thanks to its top-end specs at an affordable price. The device is quickly becoming the blue-eyed boy of developers who look to apply custom ROMs and a few mods to the handset.

In a bid to dissuade people from tinkering with alternate software, Motorola has likely taken the drastic step to void the warranty and not offer support for Moto X Pure smartphones with an unlocked bootloader.

The company has a Bootloader Unlock program which enables users to remove the lock from several phones after undergoing certain steps. The program, however, does not include devices which the company sells as exclusives for carriers such as AT&T and Verizon.

Nevertheless, Motorola will continue to cover your handset for any "unrelated physical material failure." This basically means that if your device is facing issues such as a speaker or volume button that is not functioning - and does not show any sign of tampering - then Motorola's standard warranty will cover it. The problem, however, should not be traced to a software issue, which will be decided by Motorola.

The terms are the same for those who have an extended warranty under the Moto Care insurance. The guidelines from Motorola, however, are only applicable to those in the United States as the company's policies vary from region to region.

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