Motorola has started delivering its flagship smartphone, the Moto X Pure Edition. The latest mobile device features a 1.8 GHz hexa-core Snapdragon 808, 3 GB RAM, 16 to 64 GB internal memory, a 5.7 inch 1440 x 2560p screen, a 21 MP camera and a card slot.

Considering that Moto X should function properly on each of the four main U.S. mobile services, it is surprising to see that Verizon blocks SIM activation on the Motorola smartphone. The store clerks have informed clients that the phones' hardware series (IMEI) is not found in Verizon's database and hence, activation is impossible.

However, if you are eager to start your Moto X on Verizon immediately, there is an informal solution to this problem. Users on Reddit have started a heated debate over the issue, but the summary is this: you just need to activate a SIM in one of Verizon's store phones and swap it into your Moto X Pure Edition. You can even avoid going to the store, provided that you already have an activated Verizon SIM.

It seems that the mobile carrier has some internal communication problems, as a similar scenario happened during the release of the Nexus 7 and iPhone 6. In a previous statement, the CDMA operator even promised to activate the Pure Edition as soon as it is released, adding to the confusion.

The interesting thing is SIM-based mobile data providers just need to activate the cards, not the phones. GMS providers are doing it since the '90s, so it is puzzling to see that the company would only activate a SIM if it's in a Verizon-recognized device. The problem is more widespread, however. The interdiction affects more than just Verizon post and prepaid SIMs. MVNOs of Verizon, such as PagePlus, TracFone and Selectel, are also restricting activation to SIMs in phones that are present in the companies' IMEI database.

In August, Verizon announced it allows SIMs activated in non-Verizon devices, specifically the Nexus 6 and iPhone 6. For the Moto X Pure Edition, rumors state that Sept. 18 will be the lucky date when clients that spend around $399 on a smartphone will be able to use it on Verizon's network.

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