Players of Batman: Arkham Knight will now be able to play as the game's lead characters in Big Head mode.

Patch 1.07, released earlier this week, brought an update to the console version of Batman: Arkham Knight. The update is intended to make the console port compatible with the upcoming DLC scheduled to release on Tuesday, September 29.

The DLC will include GCPD Lockdown, in which Nightwing will try to prevent Penguin from escaping, as well as the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack.

While the goal of the patch is update-compatibility for the upcoming DLC, it also brought along Big Head mode, which is an alternative way of playing the game — with the heads of characters getting as big as their torso and almost as wide as their shoulders.

This mode was also available on previous games that Warner Bros. released under the Arkham franchise.

Sefton Hill, a lead writer for Batman: Arkham Knight at developer Rocksteady Studios, uploaded a video on his Twitter page with instructions for how to activate Big Head Mode for the console version.

As seen in the video, players can inflate the characters' heads by pressing the two triggers and spinning the right joystick clockwise 10 times.

The instructions are a bit simpler than the procedure for Batman: Arkham Cities, which required players to first access their cryptographic sequencer, and hold the triggers and bumpers at the same time while rotating the right joystick to the right and the left joystick to the left.

The mode is not limited to Batman — applying also to Catwoman and other characters, both Batman's allies and enemies. You can give all of them gigantic heads.

As for the PC version, no recent announcements have been made, just that it's going back on sale in the weeks to come. The PC port was pulled off Steam after some serious bugs and glitches were reported.

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