All things considered, it's no surprise that DC is doing everything in its power to push The Dark Knight III: Master Race. This isn't just another run-of-the-mill Batman story: The Dark Knight and its sequel are two of the most highly-regarded comic books of all time, regardless of publishing brand or featured hero.

It's one of DC's crown jewels, and with Grant Morrison returning to pen the final chapter, it only makes sense that the publisher would want everyone and their grandmother to know about the book.

Of course, with such a popular release comes variant covers — and The Dark Knight III has no shortage of them. DC revealed that over 30 different variant covers would be printed: not only that, but the variants would be handled by some of the biggest names in the comic book industry. They're all gorgeous, to be sure, and there are some serious names attached to these covers — but DC's latest addition to the book's extensive variant library may feature the biggest name yet.

Earlier today, DC announced that legendary artist Dave Gibbons — known for his work on the iconic Watchmen franchise — would be contributing to the vast pile of variant covers:

Compared with some of the other covers, Gibbons' is a bit reserved — it's feels like more of a homage to the Golden Age Batman than a picture of the Dark Knight covered in someone else's blood. Speaking of which, this may be the cleanest version of The Dark Knight's universe that fans have ever seen: considering that Morrison's comics are known for their dark, dystopian take on Gotham City's future, Gibbons' art is definitely something of a departure.

Regardless of which variant cover you plan on picking up, you won't have to wait much longer: The Dark Knight III: Master Race is set to launch on Nov. 25.

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