While an inspiring concept at first, PlayStation TV's lack of support for touch-reliant PlayStation Vita games saw success fizzle away. But now a new PlayStation TV hack has been worked out and it allows players to at least run games Sony wouldn't support on the microconsole.

PlayStation TV was first launched in 2013 in Japan and it arrived in the U.S. about a year later. The microconsole leverages the operating system Sony created for its PlayStation Vita handheld console, bringing some of the portable system's hottest titles to the big screen.

Understanding that many of the Vita's touch-based games would make for a bad experience with gamepads and a TV, Sony left a lot of Vita games out of PlayStation TV's library. But for those who don't mind the lack of control, or are quite adept with their Dual Shock 4 controllers, here's a workaround that will force PlayStation TV to take on more titles 

Check out the rundown on how to pull off the hack:

What you'll need: a Gmail account, the exploit files and Mozilla's Thunderbird email client

Step One
Set up your Gmail account in Thunderbird. Afterwards, visit Thunderbird's Options panel, select the 'Open a saved message' and then use the file explorer to browse for the writer.eml file.

Step Two
Select the "Edit a New Message" option from Thunderbird's Message tab. Set your Gmail account as the message's recipient and then send it.

Step Three
Create a new message, attach the list_launch_vita.dat file and set the message's subject as ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat. Rename the attached file '#0' (without quotes) and then send the message.

Step Four
Launch PlayStation TV's email app and open your Gmail account via the client. Sync your contact when prompted.

Step Five 
Open the first email and attempt to open the attached file, which will generate an error message. Restart the email app and then repeat this step once.

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