Netflix Switch Lets You Netflix And Chill With The Push Of A Button


Sometimes all you want to do is stay inside for a Netflix binge with some take-out. And now the popular streaming service is making it easier for people to just Netflix and chill with just the push of a button.

Netflix revealed a new button called The Switch at the 2015 World Maker Faire New York over the weekend that allows users to dim the lights, turn on your phone's Do Not Disturb feature and even order food.

But don't get too excited just yet because this button for lazy days requires some work. The Switch is a prototype that is not for sale, but Netflix users can make their very own using the instructions released by the company.

However, to make the Internet-based switch yourself, you will need some basic electronics and programming knowledge such as experience with APIs. The Switch was built using the Particle Core development kit that has built-in Wi-Fi and uses a lithium-ion polymer battery and charges via a micro-USB cable.

The Switch recreates the functionality of a Netflix button that comes with the remote of a smart TV, connecting to your local network so it can communicate with your server to do just about anything from ordering food, pausing your show, or dimming the lights for the right kind of Netflix and chill ambiance.

If this DIY project looks too advanced for you, then you can cross your fingers that the company's next project will be simpler to complete. Creative minds can also share their ideas about what Netflix's next project should be at Netflix's make it website.

Watch the Neflix Switch in action in the video below.

Via: Mic

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