LG has unveiled a new high tech clothes steamer that acts as an alternative to dry cleaning or laundering. The item is designed for hotels and airport lounges as well as homes, and retails for $2000.

LG is one of the most innovative technology companies around, and one of the reasons is that it focuses not only on the laptops, televisions, smartphones and other consumer electronics items offered by its competitors, but it also offers myriad high tech home products like washer/dryers and ovens.

Now LG is creating its own category of high technology home item in the form of the Styler, a high tech in-home dry cleaner alternative. The device, whose size and double doors resemble, that of a refrigerator (another of LG's leading home products), promises those trips to the dry cleaner will become unnecessary. The Styler uses the same hot steam spray technology used in LG's washer dryers to clean, refresh and remove odors from clothing.

'The busier our lives become, the more difficult it is to take proper care of our wardrobe,' says Dave VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. "Professional cleaning services are not only costly, but they can also harm your clothes over time. The LG Styler is a great complement to such services and helps consumers take greater control over their wardrobe, keeping coats, sweaters, blouses and other delicates looking and feeling their best."

The device was fittingly introduced during New York's fashion week, and features an innovative steam cleaning system in which each article of clothing is placed on moving hangers which shake back and forth in order to keep clothes dry. A quick refresh feature acts as a sort of high tech shot of Febreze, along with odor removal. Two different scents, which replicate the use of a dryer sheet like Bounce, allow users to add the fragrance of their choice to their garments if desired.

Another special feature creates a perfect pants crease in 30 minutes. A free smartphone app allows users to download special cycles tailored to specific types of clothing and then hold their device up to the Styler to automatically begin the cleaning process. The device, which retails for $2000, is aimed at hotels, airport lounges, and wealthy consumers for use in their own homes.

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