Jim Lee Suggests That He And Frank Miller Might Return To Finish 'All Star Batman & Robin'


In an interview with, DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee stated that he and Frank Miller could return to finish the All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder comic book series in the future.

Lee and Miller began All Star Batman & Robin in 2005, after which the comic came out sporadically until 2008. The two had plans to reboot the series in 2011, with Lee and Miller finishing out the last six issues of the story.

That didn't however end up happening. Although DC Comics announced the rebooted series, which would be called Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, delays kept it from ever getting started, leaving the original story hanging.

All Star Batman & Robin takes place in the early years of Bruce Wayne as Batman, beginning with his fateful meeting with Dick Grayson, who eventually becomes his sidekick, Robin. The first issue became the highest-selling comic book of 2005, even outselling DC Comics' crossover Infinite Crisis books.

Now, fans of All Star Batman & Robin could get closure, at least if Lee and Miller commit to finishing the story. According to Lee, that is now a possibility.

"Frank is super excited to be working in comics again," said Lee. "This is not going to be his last project for DC. I would love to get back on [All Star Batman & Robin] and close it out. He's got a great ending to the story and a really cool final scene that was described to me that is just classic."

Lee also explained one of his personal reasons behind the delays in getting the series done.

"You know, when I worked on All Star Batman & Robin, I was just coming off of maybe four or five years of just working on Batman, and I just kind of hit a wall with it," he said. "But now that I've taken a break from it – and certainly while working on Batman: Europa – it'll be kind of cool to jump back on and finish out."

Lee also said he was happy about writer Bill Finger finally getting due credit from DC Comics for his work in co-creating Batman, as well as other characters still popular in the Batman universe — Robin, Catwoman, Two-Face, Riddler and the Joker.

DC Comics also announced Lee's Batman: Europa in 2005, which will finally see the light of day in 2016.

Here's the official synopsis for Batman: Europa:

"In the pages of Batman: Europa, the impossible has happened — the Batman is on the brink of defeat, at the hands of a virus with no cure. Surely there's someone that can help him? Well, there is — the Joker.

"Who infected Batman with the virus? What does the Joker have to do to save him? And how can it all happen before the Dark Knight collapses? Together, the unlikely teammates and arch-foes travel through Europe cobbling together clues while the clock ticks down."

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