Apple's enterprise business generated revenue of $25 billion in the year to the end of June this year. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, says that company wants to continue the growth in the enterprise business.

Aaron Levie, the CEO of Box, interviewed Cook during BoxWorks 2015 on Tuesday, Sept. 29 in San Francisco. The event is an annual enterprise developers conference that is organized by Box.

Cook indicated that Apple's enterprise business was $25 billion, which account for 14 percent of the company's total revenues. Regarding enterprise business Cook also went on to say "this is not a hobby. This is a real business."

During the interview, Cook notes that in the past Apple did not go along well with IBM and Microsoft and these companies were foes. However, a partnership between Apple and IBM, and Apple and Microsoft can benefit customers.

Cook also said that penetration of mobile devices in the enterprise business is quite low and mobile device users are just doing basic things with their devices.

"When you look at the penetration of mobile in enterprise, it's shocking how low it is, and then when you look at what people are doing with it, it's shocking how many people haven't gone beyond emails and browsing and these kinds of things," said Cook.

The Apple CEO also admitted that the company cannot take advantage of the growing enterprise market alone. A partnership with enterprise software companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and more are very important for increasing Apple's enterprise business.

Apple's 9.7-inch iPads are being used in the enterprise business for a while. A partnership between Apple and IBM have also resulted in the release of 10 new enterprise apps across several industries, which include tools for service professionals, business travelers and government inspectors.

On Sept. 9, Apple unveiled its new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. During the launch of the bigger iPad Pro, Microsoft also flaunted new Office features for the latest iPad member. The iPad Pro can help Apple to dominate enterprise business in the near term.

Levie also asked Cook why enterprise market should favor Apple to, which he replied "because you want to pick the best product."

Cook says that iOS running devices are made with security as one of the top priorities. He commented that the Android OS are fragmented, which makes it easier for everyone to run the same OS. 

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