Apple is rumored to be working on a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch model of the iPhone 6. The latest leak about the products is a pair of photos showing the 5.5 inch screen itself, although not installed in a phone.

The photos are from Sonny Dickson, who has a long history of leaking pictures and information about upcoming Apple products. The images show the LCD screen part along with a ruler that measures the screen at 14 cm, or 5.5 inches. The new displays are rumored to have a higher resolution than previous iPhones, measuring 1704 x 960 pixels. The improved resolution is not all upside, however, as developers will have to update their apps and redesign their icons to accommodate the increased pixel density.

"While these photos do not provide us with any breakthrough information about the new iPhone, the photos, at best, do show that Apple is already producing components for the larger sized phone and this means that production is likely nearing," says the article which originally posted the images.

Based on earlier leaks, the iPhone 6 will feature an aluminum case in lieu of the glass backing found on previous generations. The new models will also be much thinner, and will feature a new A8 chip that increases the device's efficiency and therefore its battery life.

The iPhone 6 will also contain barometric sensors to improve weather tracking. The 5.5 inch model, and possibly the 4.7 inch one as well, will have a sapphire crystal display cover. The material is often found on high-end watch faces, and is several times harder than treated glass.

Reports indicate that the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 will have a very limited initial production run in order to gauge interest. It may also have its launch delayed until several weeks after the release of the 4.7 inch model. Both will be built on iOS 8, and are expected to be officially announced in September. At the same time, Apple is expected to announce new iPads and Macs, as well as the release of a smartwatch currently known as iWatch.

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