3D printing is really cool, but some people have a different view. Kanye West, for example, isn't a fan.

West recently visited the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, declaring that he likes robots — unless the robots are 3D printers.

"This is what I'm afraid of right here, 3D printing," said West during the episode. He went on to explain the "the Internet destroyed the music industry" and that the same fears are happening with the textile industry.

Basically, Kanye is worried that people will take the design of his Yeezy sneakers and make their own using a 3D printer. While that prediction might be a few years off, it's not totally inaccurate. Of course, if the sneakers were actually affordable, there might not be the need to pirate them.

In fact, there are already shoes that are being 3D printed, however, this isn't for the purpose of pirating shoes, but rather for helping people who might not already have shoes or to be able to print insoles for those with shoe fit issues.

Via: Complex

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