Oh, to live the future - like early 2016 when the Oculus Rift finally drops. In the meantime, we've got the Vuzix iWear Headphones, which I guess will in a pinch. Plugged into the NVIDIA Shield, the headset feels less like a full-on VR experience than one of those private displays.

The hardware itself is nice enough. The visor and headphones are one attached piece that slip over the wearers head and engulf them in a sort of multimedia experience, once the top band is adjusted to their liking.

The headphones pack kick and passively block out noise reasonably well as they cocoon the ear. The visor, on the other hand, at least in my limited hands-on time, isn't likely to win any non-believers over with its dual 1280 x 720 displays. The video itself is decent, but nothing mind-blowing, while the visors allow a fair amount of light in, which is fairly distracting.

I'm willing to chalk it up to the lackluster demo experience, but the product is more wearable display than its all-out VR experience. It is, however, reasonably light, and might be the sort of thing one would take on a long flight to completely drown out the horrors of a cramped plane - that is, so long as you don't mind being that person.

The iWear do have this over much of the other forthcoming head-mounted displays: they're available soon. Order one now for a cool $450 and it'll arrive this fall.

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