She didn't know what hit her. When Yasmin Vossoughian welcomed the Twitter comedian, Jon Hendren on her HLN show, she was just supposed to get his opinion on Edward Snowden's new Twitter account which garnered more followers than the NSA in just 33 minutes and surpassed the one million followers mark in just a day.

Hendren, who goes by the handle @fart on Twitter, is a known supporter of Snowden and when Vossoughian questioned him about the fairness of Snowden being allowed to have a Twitter account when he is a well-known fugutive, while ISIS accounts being shut down.

Hendren's first statements seemed on-point enough.

“He’s been isolated for so long. We should listen to what he says,” he said.

However, things did not go quite as expected as the segment went on. After being shown a clip on John Oliver talking about classified information which was released by Snowden and potentially harming people, Hendren replied that he absolutely agreed that he could harm somebody with what he did. But he also questions whether it was also fair of society to cast him out. After all, he could not help that he was made that way by Vincent Price on a mountain top. He has scissors for hands and no heart as well – he wasn't incomplete and never given a chance.

In addition, according to Hendren, people didn't actually even start becoming afraid of him until he began sculpting shrubbery into dinosaurs.

At this point, it was clear that the Edward S whom Hendren was talking about was definitely not Edward Snowden.

But in a show of either utter professionalism or sheer cluelessness, host Vossoughian went on with her interview, seemingly not listening to Hendren's epic troll unfolding before her, and asks about Snowden's asylum in Russia, despite Russia being criticized for its own many human rights violations.

Hendren continues his speech on how it was unfair to cast him out of society. “We’re treating him like an animal, somebody who should be quarantined and put away... Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me,” he said.

It is a wonder how Hendren was able to troll the segment so magnificently. According to reports, HLN contacted him the previous night to be interviewed for the show. Hendren said he called in just 15 minutes before he was to be put on air and was put through a sound check and was interviewed without any knowledge of the format of the show or what questions they planned to ask him.

In an email to Mashable, Hendren continued to defend his hero by saying, “I think [Scissorhands] got a bad rep and a lot of people are scared of him," he wrote. "I mean, at face value you look at him and wonder what he's capable of and begin to worry but really, I think people are more scared of what he sees in us, as a society."

He also had this to say about his interview on his Twitter account:

Meanwhile, Vossoughian ended her interview with Hendren, thanking him for his opinion.

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